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Plant-based Diets: Practical Or Food For Thought?
There is no one-size fits all solution to healthy eating. The importance of eating food that makes you happy should not be understated. That being said, more and more evidence is starting to suggest that a Plant-based diet has many merits.
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A First-Hand Guide to Antidepressants
Are you struggling with depression? Know that you're not alone. Here's my personal account that aims to walk you through how antidepressants work, what they’ve done for me, and some considerations you should keep in mind when deciding to take them.
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Are We Sleeping On Sleep Deprivation?
When stress builds up, work piles on, and life gets busy, sleep is often the first thing many people- students and working adults alike- sacrifice first in order to accomplish more. Volumes of research say this isn't the right call: sleep deprivation will ruin your productivity and personal life.
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Speak With A Doctor And Get Medicine Without Leaving Home
RingMD's Instant call service, now with medication delivery. Video call a licensed Singapore doctor and get the medicine you need, without leaving home.
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Top 8 Nutrition Tips To Boost Your Immune System
Tired of getting sick? Sometimes it's out of your control, but, in addition to good basic hygiene, there are indeed steps you can take to bolster your immune system and therefore reduce your chances of falling sick. It turns out there might be some truth to the age-old adage 'you are what you eat.'
where are the doctors going
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How To Find A Doctor In Singapore– Overview Of Primary Care Services
Where do you go when you need a doctor? Here's an overview of the primary healthcare options in Singapore, public and private, that you can turn to. Don't fret, you have a wealthy variety of great options.
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How To Make The Most Of Your Online Doctor Consultation
Here are some tips to make your online doctor consultation even more efficient and effective. Together we can make healthcare more convenient and accessible.
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10 Dietary Tips To Soothe Menstrual Cramps
Did you know that what you eat can have an effect on how painful your menstrual cramps are? Find out what this clinical naturopath and nutritionist has to say about what foods to eat and what foods to avoid during and around your period. Don't miss out, follow these tips to ease your pain!
Manage Your Practice (For Providers)
Get all the tools and knowledge you need to grow and manage your medical and/or wellness practice.
RingMD News
2017 at RingMD - Year in Review
From advances in eyecare in developing countries to instantly connecting Singaporeans to GPs, 2017 was a year to remember for RingMD.
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Online Therapy & Counselling via Video Calling
Consult the best therapists in the world with online therapy — from anywhere. Studies show that online counselling can be just as effective as in-person.
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How to Price Your Therapy & Counseling Sessions: 6 Steps
How to price your therapy & Counseling Services? 6 steps to help you with budgeting for your services from RingMD telemedicine platform's analysis.
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Online Therapy: Get Listed on RingMD's Online Health & Therapy Directory
Guide on how to make the most of your online therapist profile & attract new clients. Join RingMD's online therapist directory.
Best Practice
Professional Headshot Tips: Common Mistakes to Avoid
Avoid making these common mistakes when capturing your next professional portrait. This list of professional headshot tips will help you to gain new clients.
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Professional Headshot Tips: Posing, Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup
Your professional headshot is your chance to leave a positive first impression. Tips for relaxing during your professional photoshoot, posing, hair & makeup.
Therapy / Counseling
Interview with Counsellor Ismene Cole: Using Social Media As A Counsellor & More
Interview with UK-based counsellor, Ismene Cole, about the changing landscape of the therapist-patient relationship in a digital age.
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Introductory Therapy & Counselling Sessions: Price & Duration
How much should you charge for introductory therapy and counseling sessions & how long should the session be?