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Get all the tools and knowledge you need to grow and manage your medical and/or wellness practice.
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Online Therapy & Counselling via Video Calling
Consult the best therapists in the world with online therapy — from anywhere. Studies show that online counselling can be just as effective as in-person.
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How to Price Your Therapy & Counseling Sessions: 6 Steps
How to price your therapy & Counseling Services? 6 steps to help you with budgeting for your services from RingMD telemedicine platform's analysis.
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Online Therapy: Get Listed on RingMD's Online Health & Therapy Directory
Guide on how to make the most of your online therapist profile & attract new clients. Join RingMD's online therapist directory.
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Professional Headshot Tips: Common Mistakes to Avoid
Avoid making these common mistakes when capturing your next professional portrait. This list of professional headshot tips will help you to gain new clients.
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Professional Headshot Tips: Posing, Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup
Your professional headshot is your chance to leave a positive first impression. Tips for relaxing during your professional photoshoot, posing, hair & makeup.
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Interview with Counsellor Ismene Cole: Using Social Media As A Counsellor & More
Interview with UK-based counsellor, Ismene Cole, about the changing landscape of the therapist-patient relationship in a digital age.
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Introductory Therapy & Counselling Sessions: Price & Duration
How much should you charge for introductory therapy and counseling sessions & how long should the session be?
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Creating a Business You Love
Creating a business you love isn't simple — the main things I learned while building and growing my practice as a counsellor in the UK. Stay optimistic!
Health & Well-being
Read the latest developments in health and wellness to feel your best!
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Managing Migraines: What You Need To Know
Migraines are serious business. This article will show you that managing migraines is possible and how!
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3 Main Approaches For Dealing with PTSD
Dr. Lindsay Bira explains the three elements that form the foundation of cognitive behavioral therapy. CBT is widely used to deal with PTSD and other trauma.
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Don't React, Respond! How These 3 Words Can Do Wonders For Your Mental Health
Psychologist Dr. Lindsay Bira emphasizes the importance of responding vs. reacting to the world around you, and how to promote change in others who won't listen
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Expat Guilt
Living abroad is exciting, but expats can suffer from expat guilt, causing stress and anxiety. This piece explores why this guilt exists and how to cope with it
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Destigmatizing Mental Health
Psychologist Dr. Lindsay Bira shares her thoughts on the stigma surrounding mental health issues and what can be done to get rid of it.
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Workplace Stress Or Misguided Ambition?
Counselor Ismene Cole explains how misguided ambition contributes to workplace stress and how self-awareness can get your mental health back on track.
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Key Questions To Determine If A Therapist Is A Good Match
How do you find the right therapist for you, someone who makes you feel comfortable and pushes you to grow? This blog post will empower you with the tools.
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The Truth About Psychotherapy and What You Need To Know About It.
What is psychotherapy? Who is it for? How can it help? Read this to clarify common misconceptions surrounding therapy.