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Going With Your Gut Feeling: The Benefits of Fermented Foods
People have fermented food and drinks around the world throughout all of history. The advantages of fermenting food are numerous: they are more easily digestible, help to synthesize vitamins, preserve storage life, shorten cooking time, decrease food waste and replenish our intestinal bacteria.
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Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Not Just Abdominal Pain
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common intestinal disorder found across the world and occurs twice as much in women than in men. Here are some symptoms to look out for, and how this chronic disorder can be managed over the long term. Stay on top of your health!
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Why Leaving The Office At The Same Time Every Day Is Good for You
One of the most frequent misconceptions we have about work is that working more hours means getting more done. There is a lot of research out there to suggest this simply is not the case. Specifically, those who work 70 hours a week don’t typically get all that much more done than those who work 50.
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Can we outrun memory loss?
Recent research has unearthed a startling discovery: running, and exercise in general, may have the ability to protect the brain from the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, both by delaying the onset and improving the quality of life of those already affected.
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Transforming Public Health in Singapore and Beyond
Health challenges tend to be constructed not only from biological risk factors, but also from multiple social, environmental, and behavioural factors, which can no longer be addressed with traditional models of healthcare with a heavy emphasis on primary care and treatment.
Mounting a Response to Physical Inactivity: Two-Wheels at a Time
Policies to increase bike usage and infrastructure could be vital in tackling a major health issue the city has to be increasingly concerned with: physical inactivity.
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Bone Health Today for a Better Tomorrow
It's Osteoporosis Month in the United States. We're using this as a global reminder of the importance of confronting osteoporosis: a crippling condition that leaves a person's skeletal frame weak and susceptible to substantial fractures. Here are measures you can take to improve your bone health.
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Is Your Diet Causing Your Allergies?
Did you know that some allergies are the result of the food we put in our bodies? Find out what this clinical naturopath and nutritionist has to say about what foods to eat and what foods to avoid to understand and gain control of your allergies.
Manage Your Practice (For Providers)
Get all the tools and knowledge you need to grow and manage your medical and/or wellness practice.
RingMD News
2017 at RingMD - Year in Review
From advances in eyecare in developing countries to instantly connecting Singaporeans to GPs, 2017 was a year to remember for RingMD.
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Online Therapy & Counselling via Video Calling
Consult the best therapists in the world with online therapy — from anywhere. Studies show that online counselling can be just as effective as in-person.
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How to Price Your Therapy & Counseling Sessions: 6 Steps
How to price your therapy & Counseling Services? 6 steps to help you with budgeting for your services from RingMD telemedicine platform's analysis.
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Online Therapy: Get Listed on RingMD's Online Health & Therapy Directory
Guide on how to make the most of your online therapist profile & attract new clients. Join RingMD's online therapist directory.
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Professional Headshot Tips: Common Mistakes to Avoid
Avoid making these common mistakes when capturing your next professional portrait. This list of professional headshot tips will help you to gain new clients.
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Professional Headshot Tips: Posing, Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup
Your professional headshot is your chance to leave a positive first impression. Tips for relaxing during your professional photoshoot, posing, hair & makeup.
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Interview with Counsellor Ismene Cole: Using Social Media As A Counsellor & More
Interview with UK-based counsellor, Ismene Cole, about the changing landscape of the therapist-patient relationship in a digital age.
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Introductory Therapy & Counselling Sessions: Price & Duration
How much should you charge for introductory therapy and counseling sessions & how long should the session be?